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Dprevo, Ann Arbor, , United States
I am a: Man
Age: 45 | View biorythm
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Last Activity: 02-02-17

About Dprevo
Income: $50,000-$75,000
Religion: Jewish
Status: I want serious relationships
Kids: I don't have kids
Smoking: Never
Drinking: Not a drinker
Career: Hospitality/Tourism
Education: Bachelor's degree
Height: 4' 2" - 127 cm
Weight: -
Body type: Curvy
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Green
Other information
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
First date: Meet the parents
Live where: In another country
Living with: With my kids
Appearance: Above average
Age preference: Someone older
Level of faith: I consider myself a spiritual person
Spending habits: I am on a budget
Humor: I rarely tell jokes or laugh